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At the age of 15 I became interested in wood carving and soon discovered the niche artform of bird carving. It was my primary artistic outlet until a transition to painting in my early 30's. Sculpting highly detailed birds in wood is a very meticulous and time-consuming endeavor. I have not done a carving in several years now but like to think I will do more of them in the future. At this point in my painting career, however, it is difficult to set aside the time. Bird carving is such a significant part of my artistic background that I wanted to include at least a couple of examples on the website.

The sculpture to the left is three Scrub Jays of the west coast variety, which are a little more colorful and striking than Scrub Jays of the interior west. It is all wood except for the branch and the birds' legs and feet, which are made from steel, brass, and copper.

The sculpture below is an immature Sharp-shinned Hawk.